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yext - manage local listings
manage the power of local listings!

 Premium Listings on more than 40+ leading local search sites

Drive Amazing Local Search Results with PowerListings!

so what are Power Listings?

PowerListings is a local listings hub that syncs and enhances your business listings on 40+sites.
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why should I use PowerListings?

Show up in more Local Searches ... with Guaranteed Presence!

PowerListings syncs your listings on more than 40 sites so that your listings appear correctly in more than 40 local searches.

Corrects any wrong information (name, address, phone numbers)

Automatically adds Missing Listings

Adds Categories (keywords) to your listings so you show up in local searches you actually care about

Locks down your listings so your info stays correct 

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are there other benefits from PowerListings?

Stand out from the pack and get picked more often with Premium Listings

PowerListings enhances your listings with premium fields like photos, videos, and specials so that your listings stand out and more people visit your site!

Add photos to your listings

Upload business videos to your listings

Add a business description, your Web Site URL, hours of operation and payments accepted (this will help your SEO)

Menu uploads for restaurants

You get a highlighted special offer on your listing that you can update instantly to make announcements or promote deals

 Stand out with yext

how will I know if Yext PowerListings work?

Track and monitor your local search performance with Full Analytics

PowerListings lets you see exactly how your web site is doing in local search

Track the number of times your listing appears in local searches (Impressions) - by time and by location

Track the number of clicks to your listings (Profile Views) on your listings by time and by location

Yext continuously monitors your PowerListings to make sure they are up and correct - so you don't have to worry about it

 yext web site analytics

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so why should I go with PowerListings?

Control ... a hub to sync your listings puts you in control of your own information 

yext direct sync

 yext local search listing sites

Time Savings ... save hours with a single point of control 

 Amazing Local Search Results ... show up in more local searches, stand out from the pack, and get picked more ... all with Yext PowerListings!

 yext provides local search analytics

so what sites does yext help manage?

PowerListings Complete Network

Yext complete PowerListings complete 

Over 150 Million Monthly Uniques visitors

Covers Over Half of All Local Searches

Web, Mobile Devices, & Mobile Apps

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